I’m not looking forward to this streak mile

The marathon went pretty well yesterday. I’ll have a full post on it tomorrow.

My legs are pretty tight and my knee is sore. I’m hoping this streak mile I’m about to run will go well.

I put it off this morning because of how sore I still was, but it has gotten better as the day went on. My knee is what I’m most worried about.

Well, here we go!

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Man my butt is sore!

Literally. I am feeling those leg and glute exercises I did yesterday.

I was feeling fine yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I could feel some soreness. I thought it would get better as the day went on, but it has not.

I didn’t run earlier today, but I did it this evening and it was tough. I got through it though. I just did a mile on the treadmill.

With the marathon in 3 days, I’m really nervous about hurting myself. I do have workout in the morning, but I’m going to try and take it easy. I’m sure I’ll work the soreness out, but I hope I don’t add any more. šŸ™‚

I had a doctor’s appointment with my endocrinologist today. We made some minor tweaks to my basal rates. The adjustments we made last time for my runs are working and I’m going to continue it.

She made me a copy of an article from Diabetic Living about a guy named Peter Nerothin who started an organization which helps diabetics train for active lifestyles. The website isĀ here. I’m excited to look around and see what it’s all about.

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What am I going to do after this weekend?

I’ve been training for different races since September. I’ve ran 3 half marathons, a 15K and my marathon is Sunday. The next race on my schedule is in July. That’s 5 months away!

I’m going to need to find something run. Spring is coming and there has to be some races out there that I can find. I need to find something in driving distance.

I’ll be continuing the running streak, but I’ll need something more.

Karebear might not like this, but I need something to do. šŸ™‚

I’ll be looking for some races during the spring.

I did RealRyder and TRX today. I was a great workout. We did a lot of legs and glute work. My sugars have been pretty good today. I had a late lunch which caused a low and then got a high from the rebound. Other than that, everything was good.

Anyone have any race suggestions for Spring? Preferably in the south.

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A Biloxi beach run

I spent last night and today in Biloxi, MS at theĀ Beau RivageĀ for meetings for work. Biloxi, MS is right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for it’s gaming, but has some real pretty beaches. The beaches aren’t very big and the water isn’t as blue like in coastal Alabama or Florida, but it does have the beautiful white sand.

It was quite cloudy this morning from a rain storm that passed through during the night, but the weather was nice. It was cool and breezy.

Biloxi has a few nice spots to run, but I hadn’t run the beach before, so I decided that’s what I would do.

There is a sidewalk that runs all along highway 90 (highway 90 is the scenic route along the coast running east and west). Interstate 110 dead ends right into the water next to the Beau and there is a little boardwalk that goes out into the water and around I110. That was my starting point.

My starting point. The I110 Loop walk way (run way).

My starting point. The I110 Loop walk way (run way).

I ran for 2 miles. One mile out and one mile in. I ran along the beach with a nice cool, February breeze. I took it easy with an average pace of 8’29″/mi.

I thought it was worthy of some pictures, but I’m not sure if they capture the essence of my run. šŸ™‚

A look at the beach a mile from the Beau

A look at the beach a mile from the Beau

The Biloxi lighthouse

The Biloxi lighthouse

The Lighthouse Pier

The Lighthouse Pier

A look at the I110 walkway coming back in

A look at the I110 walkway coming back in

My sugars have been good today and I hope they continue that way. 5 days left!



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6 days until race day

This will be a quick a post. I’m entertaining for work and just have a few minutes before dinner.

Just a quick update.

I just saw on facebook that there is 6 days before the race. Yikes! It really hasn’t been on my mind much. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad?

Yesterday was my last training run before the taper for the RnR New Orleans full on Sunday. It was a nice, cool run and my sugar held pretty well. It was nice to only run 8 miles after running 13 2x, 16, 18 2x and 20 miles for the past few weeks. I believe I’m ready and I’m pretty confident that I can “easily” make my goal of finishing in under 5 hours. I don’t want to sound too confident, but with the times I’ve had with my training runs and recent races, I should finish in well under 5 hours.

I didn’t workout today, but ran my streak mile on the treadmill. I’m trying to take my streaking easy since the race is coming up. I have felt more comfortable at level 8 on my treadmill and level 7 feels almost “normal”.

Maybe I’m really getting faster?!?!

My sugars have beenĀ sporadic yesterday and today. I don’t think it has much to do with my exercising, but with my carb counting and bolusing. I’ve had some serious highs and lows lately.

I’ll get it figured out by race time and I’ll be good to go.

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A family day

I’ve been taking it easy the last couple of days.

Yesterday I just ran my streak mile and did a little stretching.

Today was supposed to be my last training run before the taper of next weekend’s marathon. I decided to put it off until tomorrow.

Today I decided to spend the day hanging with the family.

Karebear fixed banana & chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. We went to the farmer’s market to pick up some veggies for our Fresh 20 menu. Unfortunately we were a little late to the market and the items we needed weren’t there, but we still had a good time.

Once we got home, we played with J. We built some trains and played with his trucks. It was fun. After playtime, we ate lunch and put J down for his afternoon nap. Karebear and I caught up on some TV shows we had DVR’d and when J got up we went out for a nice walk around the neighborhood.

After the walk, I got dressed to do mile streak mile. Karebear and J were playing upstairs in the playroom and I decided to run up there on the treadmill. I ran a quick mile and did some pushups and 1 minute planks. I usually don’t do anything after my quick mile runs, but I kind of liked it and think I’ll add some exercises for after my runs.

Today was day 90 of my running streak. I can’t believe I’ve continued it for so long. It has really become a habit for me. I have almost forgotten about it a few times, but it is always in the back of my mind if I don’t get it done early.

My blood sugars have been better since I change my pump site Thursday.

I hope everyone had a great day. I sure did! The weather was beautiful today.

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Another good workout

Today was another good workout. My legs are back to normal and feeling great.

I woke up early for my 6:00 class. We did a tough RealRyder workout with seated sprints, standing sprints, hovers, leans and combinations of all of them. We did that for the first 30 mins.

After RealRyder we moved to the IndoRow machines. This is my least favorite thing to do, but I am getting better at it. It’s a tough upperbody, back and shoulder workout. We did standard rowing sprints, bicep curls and triceps. This lasted for 10 minutes.

We ended the class with 20 minutes of TRX. We did a great total body workout with all sorts of excerises. It was tough.

After workout I ran my streak mile on the treadmill. I’ve been toying with speedwork during my miles on the treamill. Looking at the screen, I run the curves at a 7 and the straight aways at an 8. It changes things up for me and keeps it from not getting too boring. It also pushes me to run faster. I also put the incline at level 2. They say that is more of a road simulation.

My sugars have still been running high today. I’m going to change my pump site and see if it helps for tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day!

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Getting the soreness out

It was a workout day for me today.

Since the race, my legs have been extremely sore. I guess it was from the 5 pound weights that were attached to my feet during the race. My shoes are still drying I think.

I was a little timid going in to the workout today because of my soreness. I wasn’t sure how well I could do.

It was a 5:30 class and when I woke up, my legs were so tight. I got to workout and started warming up on the bike. We went through our stretches and started speeding up. I was hurting from theĀ beginning. About two-thirds of the way through during our speed sets, I felt the soreness leave. It was awesome! I felt so much better and was able to finish much stronger than I started.

We moved on to TRX, and of course it was a leg day. We did kettle bell squats, squats with the TRX straps, inverted squats and leg presses with the straps and other crazy squat movements. It hurt so good.

It was a great workout and I was able to run a quick mile afterwards with no issues. It was nice to finally get that soreness out.

My sugars were up and down all day, but were good for the workout. Hopefully it was just one of those days and tomorrow will be better.

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Piney Hills Half Marathon and weekend recap

I had a busy weekend planned in Louisiana with, spending time with family, the race and a Mardi Gras parade

Saturday I did an early RealRyder/TRX workout and ran a quick mile for my streak. It was a good total body workout to get me loosened up for the race on Sunday. I felt pretty good, but had some highs throughout the day with my blood sugar.

We spent Saturday evening with my parents, my brother and sister and their families. We had a great dinner and spent the evening talking and watching all the kids play together. We called it an early night so I could get some rest before the race in the morning.

Rain was forecasted for Sunday with a 80% of precipitation and possible severe storms early. There was talk about the rain possibly letting up for a couple of hours during the race time. Did that happen? Stay tuned…

My alarm went off at 6:15 Sunday morning. I looked outside the window and the ground was wet, but it was just misting. It was also in the mid 60’s for the temperature, so I opted for just running in a tech tee, shorts and hat. I also brought an older pair of shoes to run in since it was raining.

After getting dressed, I checked my blood sugar and it was high at 193. I was okay with that since I was racing. I wasn’t very hungry, but ate a package of peanut butter crackers to get something in me. I also drank a few glasses of water. JJ, my father-in-law, dropped me off a little after 7 at the race’s starting point. He was a little concerned about me getting too cold and the weather looked to be getting worse. I checked my sugar again around 7:15 and it had risen to 211.

The race start time was 8:00. The next 45 minutes were long. Rain started to come down in spurts and people were getting anxious about the weather. At 7:50 the race director made anĀ announcement that the start time would be delayed 15 minutes to 8:15. The rain had slowed to a mist again and everyone headed over to the starting line. As we were getting ready to start, the director made the usual race announcements thanking everyone for coming out and letting us know about the road and mile markings, but ended with this, “There is a line of red and yellow heading this way. It could go north and miss us, but it could come straight to us. If anyone doesn’t want to run, now is the time step back. If you choose to run, let it be known that you know what could be coming. Oh, and if you hear sirens, that’s a tornado.” Every kind of chuckled and gave a “Let’s do this” shrug.

The horn went off and we started running.

This was the local radar at 8 am Sunday morning. The race was right in the center of north LA where the large red/orange area is.

This was the radar at 8 am Sunday morning from the local NBC affiliate . The race was right in the center of north LA just to the right of where the large red/orange area is.

This is the radar at start time.

This is the radar at start time. Again, courtesy of the local NBC affiliate.

It wasn’t raining to bad for the first 2.5 miles or so, but around the 3rd mile marker the bottom fell out and it was a down pour for the next 8-9 miles.

Ruston, LA is called piney hill country because of its rolling hills and pine trees. The hills aren’t mountainous, but they are continuously rolling. The course reminded me a lot of the Mississippi Blues course I ran just a month prior to this one.

Here is the elevation chart from the race's website.

Here is the elevation chart from the race’s website.

I was thinking to myself, “What am I doing?”. I was also concerned about my insulin pump getting wet and not working. I had this happen to me last year during a training run for the Madrid full. I was prepared this time, but I was still concerned in the back of my mind. I put my pump in a Ziploc bag to protect it from the rain.

Good thinking!

Good thinking!

During the last couple of miles, the rain slowed down and the sun started to peek out. I could tell I was getting tired, but I was still going pretty strong. My legs were getting tired, but my body was doing good. Since it was raining so hard, I didn’t check my sugar during the race. I didn’t want to risk ruining my meter by getting it too wet. I’ve gone through enough highs and lows with my blood sugar that I could tell I was okay to continue without checking.

As I was getting close to mile 10 around a water stop, I saw Karebear and my sister huddled under an umbrella cheering me on. They really surprised me being out there in the rain. It got me excited and I continued on. I knew I was getting close to the finish and I also new my time was pretty good. Could I PR in the rain and on a hilly course? Maybe so…

As I was going into the final turn to where the finish line was, I could see my Mom and Dad waving and trying to get an iPhone pic. I knew the finish was around the corner and I picked up my pace and sped through the finish line. There wasn’t a time clock running were I could see, so I wasn’t sure if I had beaten my previous time. I thought there was a good chance. Karebear and the fam gave me a towel and congratulated me on a job well done. I took my Ziploc’d phone out of my pocket and Nike+ told me I had ran 13 miles in 1:54:36. Was it close to the official time? I’d have to wait until Sunday night to find out. I also checked my sugar for my post race result. It was 102. Perfect!

Here's my Dad's iPhone pic of me coming into the final turn.

Here’s my Dad’s iPhone pic of me coming into the final turn.

The finisher's medal!

The finisher’s medal!

I had to leave pretty quickly after the race because we had plans to travel to Shreveport to see an afternoon Mardi Gras parade with some friends of ours. I ran into my cousin, who also ran the race, and he asked me what happens after the race. He hasn’t ran a race since college. He did very well and finished 9th overall. I told him they usually give out prizes to the overall winners and age group winners. I’m never in that group, so I don’t usually stick around. We chuckled about that and I left.

We had lunch at Karebear’s parent’s and quickly headed to Shreveport for the parade. We had a great time at the parade and Little J was excited at all the beads he caught. We enjoyed spending time with our friends that we hadn’t seen in a while.

His face doesn't show it, but he was super excited about his beads!

His face doesn’t show it, but he was super excited about his beads!

It was a VERY busy and tiring day. My sugars were very good throughout the rest of the day as well.

I also found the race results were posted and I finished at 1:53:58! I finished in under 2 hours and shaved almost 10 minutes off my previous PR! I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that I did that well during the rain.

We left Shreveport and headed back to Mississippi Monday morning. I sent the race director a message telling him that even with the rain, it was a great race. He responded thanking me and that I had placed in my age group and won a Pilsner glass as an award and I could pick it up when ever. Wow, I placed in my age group! Guess I should’ve stuck around after the race for the awards. I’m never in the winner’s group remember. Well, not anymore!

I ran my streak miles Monday night and this morning. My legs are sore. My hamstrings are tight. I spend about 30 minutes last night with the foam roller. Ughhh! Pleasure pains!

It was a great weekend and a great race. It’s definitely one I’ll always remember!

This was on Rock N Roll Nola's facebook page today. Thought it was fitting.

This was on Rock N Roll Nola’s facebook page today. Thought it was fitting.

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An apology

When I started this blog I wanted to do a daily recap of my running and exercising and how my blood sugar was or wasn’t effected by it.

I’m sorry I haven’t done a good job with this recently. This pass week I have failed miserably with keeping up with my blog.

I did not have much going on last week, so I felt like I didn’t have much to talk about. I had a race and have been traveling this weekend and I’m exhausted.

I’ll have my race recap tomorrow and I’ll be back on schedule with my blog. I owe it to myself and to you, my readers.

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