Glossary of Terms

I’ve been getting some questions asking me what certain words mean. Below is a list of words I frequently use that may be unfamiliar to you.

Bolus – a large dose of a substance given by injection for the purpose of rapidly achieving the needed therapeutic concentration in the bloodstream <the patient receives abolus dose to reach the minimum effective analgesic concentration—J. F. Camp> <subcutaneous injection of a premeal bolus of fast-acting insulin> -Source:

RealRyder – See it for yourself, rather than me try to explain it. I love it!

TRX – Again, see it for yourself. Awesome! 

IndoRow – Definitely a workout, but takes some getting used to.

The following are the people/places I post about:

Karebear – my loving, beautiful wife

Baby J or J – our 2 year old son

Fitness Factory – TRX/RealRyder/IndoRow workout studio

Tim, Price, Kelly – Fitness Factory instructors


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