Hello Again

It’s been almost a full year since my last post (3/27/13). A lot has happened over that time span.

I took a new job over the summer and moved to New Orleans. With the job transition, my racing took a back seat and I didn’t get to achieve my goal of running 6 half marathon or more races for 2013. I completed 4, but did run 13+ miles a few times during the end of the year while training for the RnR New Orleans Marathon. I’ll kind of accept that as an achievement, but it’s not really the same as racing.

My running streak continued throughout the year, but finally ended at day 399 because of a foot injury. During that time, I ran in 8 different states and in Amsterdam, Holland. I hated stopping, but it was something I needed to do to rest my foot. I was limited in my running for a couple of weeks and decided to drop down to the half for the New Orleans race. I wasn’t able to get the distance runs in I needed to make it through the full.

Even with my limited running in the month of January, I was able to finish the race in just under 2 hours at a time of 1:58:55. I was very pleased with that time. I owe a big thanks to a high school friend of mine who I ran into while running and we pushed each other for almost 9 of the 13.1 miles.

My beautiful wife, Karebear, decided to run the half as well and ran with a friend who was running her 1st half marathon. It was great to see her cross the finish line. She gave up on long distance races after completing the RnR Madrid Marathon in April of 2012, but has now realized how fun halves can be. She does plan on doing another at some point. She started a running streak over the summer and is over 250 days into it. She’s talked about stopping, but after that many days, it just becomes a part of your lifestyle and it’s hard to stop.

When I stopped my streak, my motivation began to lack and I decided to start a new streak February 1st. I’m now 11 days into it and I feel great!

My blood sugars have been doing fine, but I need to find an Endo here in New Orleans.

I won’t be posting daily or weekly, but I do hope to post more than I did last year. I also, hope to run a few more races too. I’m thinking about doing the Piney Hills Half again.

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4 Responses to Hello Again

  1. run100run says:

    I’d love for you to follow my running journey run100run.wordpress.com

  2. 68bearcat says:

    Glad you’re back! Keep taking good care of yourself. You are very loved.

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