My mental race

As I’ve posted before, I have been slacking with my running since the marathon last month. Last week I decided to write out my running schedule as if I had a race to run.

I’m basically doing my 5 week, 1/2 marathon training schedule. My workout schedule is M/T/Th, so I just adjusted the miles and days to fit. I’ve been sticking to it and running in the mornings. Although today I slept a little late and had to run it tonight. It was a nice 3 mile run. The weather was perfect!

I’m still looking for a race to run (or two) before the RnR Chicago 1/2 marathon. I saw a friend of mine post a race in a few weeks. It’s the Hell’s Hills 5K, 10K & half marathon. It’s in a month and a half and sounds very intriguing. I would do the 1/2 marathon. I’ve never run trails before, but I run hills all the time around my house. It sounds like a fun challenge and may be something to try out.

Since I’ve made the adjustments with my insulin intake pre and post workouts, my sugars have been doing much better and I’ve been feeling awesome. I surprise myself each time I workout and also how well I can run after them.

I’m getting stronger, gaining muscle and maintaining my weight. I’ve never felt better!

Every time I think about the trail run, I get a little excited. 🙂 Anyone have any advice on trail running?

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2 Responses to My mental race

  1. I have not done this particular race but I do most of my long runs on the trails where the race takes place. These are a lot of fun. You have to run with your head down a little, pace drops about a minute per mile but they are a lot of fun. More fun than the road in my opinion.

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