Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

Yesterday was one of those days that everything I had planned to do, just didn’t go the way I expected it to.

It basically started when I woke up and ended when I went to bed.

Work issues came up first and I had to work my schedule around dealing with them. That was the little ball of snow that started falling down the mountain. Everything I had planned had to be moved to a different time which caused conflicts because I was dealing with other people for most of my day. That ball of snow started getting bigger and bigger.

The only thing that did happen on schedule was my doctor’s appointment. That’s because I had to show up on time to that. Once I got there though, it didn’t go like I thought.

I was expecting a better result from my A1c test (definition here). The goal result is to have an A1c lower than 7. On my last visit it was exactly 7. This visit it had risen to 7.4. I was shocked!

I have been exercising more and eating better over the last 3 months. I have also been taking a nutritional supplement. I thought my sugars had not been as high as they have been, but when the doctor prints out your readings from your pump and it’s on paper, it didn’t look as good as I had thought.

My doctor said, “There’s always a pattern. We just have to find it.”.

Well after looking at my readings and asking about my workout and running schedule, we found a pattern.

My sugars have always gone up during and after workouts of less than one hour. Why this happens, I’m not exactly sure, but it does. Also, the nutritional supplement I take before workouts has 5g of carbs and I have not been taking insulin for these carbs. I was using these carbs to get me through my workouts.

We decided I needed to start taking insulin for them and doing a correction bolus for my sugars beforehand. I need my sugar to be as close to “normal” before I do any type of activity.

The extra carbs I was putting in my body and not accounting for was really throwing off my blood sugars. Even though the visit didn’t go as I expected, it did end better than it started. Diabetes is hard on you when you think you’re doing everything right and it turns out not like you think. From the beginning of the year, I have felt better and worked harder than I ever have.

The visit did bum me out for the rest of the day, but I was glad we found a reason for the higher A1c level.

Today is a new day and even if I didn’t wake up early enough for my streak mile before work, it’s already been a better day. It’s also raining today, but I might do my run outside this evening for a little cleansing run. 🙂

Days like yesterday don’t happen very often, but when they do, they really are tough on you. Have you had days where everything you have planned gets out of whack?

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2 Responses to Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

  1. steveygaddis says:

    I’ve had my share of “those” days. You have been working out hard and eating better…I know that Dr. visit took a little air out of you, but now you have an answer. Keep working hard, make those adjustments. I hope a lot of people with diabetes are following you. It’s awsome how your taking responsibility on managing it and building a solid fitness program. Keep sharing.
    Also, are you running in Color Me Rad tomm.

  2. Thanks, Stevey! I’ve made the adjustments and things have been MUCH better!

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