I’ve been slacking

I’ve really been slacking with my running since the marathon 3 weeks ago.

I’ve continued my streak, but I’ve only been running a mile. Last weekend I ran 2 miles, this past Wednesday  I ran 3 miles (it was a slow poker fun run) and today I ran 4 miles.

Today’s 4 miler really opened my eyes. It was a tough, long 4 miles. I didn’t realize how quickly my stamina would drop. I was struggling.

The weather was much hotter than I had been running in, but it still surprised me how tough it was.

This winter I was training the all the time, but since the marathon, I don’t have anything to train for until July. I really need to find another race to run. I enjoyed my training season and was really good about following it.

I guess I’ll be looking for a race and in the meantime, I’ll be “pretending” I’m training for something. I’ll write out a run schedule and stick to it with long runs on the weekend. I’ll sign up for some 5K’s and support the community too.

I’ve got to step it back up!

I’ve been slacking on my blog too. I’ll step it up here too.

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