Teamwork is important

I’ve been running a lot by myself. I do like it. It’s nice to be out by yourself and have some alone time.

I do wish I had a group to run with though. Even though I don’t run with one, I still have a team of support. Karebear, my family, my friends that “cheer” me on on my fb posts and you, my readers.

We all support each other even though we’re not actually running beside each other.

A friend of mine started a Running Streak group last week. The goal is to run a mile from March through April. I’m not sure how many are in the group, but I’d say it’s between 15-20.

We all encourage each other to get out there and run. A lot of these streakers aren’t “hardcore” runners, so it’s important to cheer and encourage.

It takes a lot to get out there everyday and run. Life is very good about getting in the way. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs encouragement.

If you’re on facebook or twitter and see someone post about exercising, make a comment or like it. If you have friends close by, get together for a run or workout. You just might be the encouragement they need.

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3 Responses to Teamwork is important

  1. only1rodney says:

    Good job and keep keepin’ on!!!!! I feel ya! I love running alone, but I get a whole different training when I run with others… It all depends what I’m after. If i want some peace and quiet, I go at it alone, if I want a tough workout I go at it with people…hmmm now that I put it that way, I think I’ll take the easy route and go at it alone! Hehe

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