Man my butt is sore!

Literally. I am feeling those leg and glute exercises I did yesterday.

I was feeling fine yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I could feel some soreness. I thought it would get better as the day went on, but it has not.

I didn’t run earlier today, but I did it this evening and it was tough. I got through it though. I just did a mile on the treadmill.

With the marathon in 3 days, I’m really nervous about hurting myself. I do have workout in the morning, but I’m going to try and take it easy. I’m sure I’ll work the soreness out, but I hope I don’t add any more. 🙂

I had a doctor’s appointment with my endocrinologist today. We made some minor tweaks to my basal rates. The adjustments we made last time for my runs are working and I’m going to continue it.

She made me a copy of an article from Diabetic Living about a guy named Peter Nerothin who started an organization which helps diabetics train for active lifestyles. The website is here. I’m excited to look around and see what it’s all about.

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3 Responses to Man my butt is sore!

  1. steveygaddis says:

    STRETCHING!!!!! epsom salt baths for the sorness. listen to your body. you have worked to hard for this race. focus on food, lite training, and getting those legs ready..

  2. rebacox says:

    Its always worse the a day and a half to two days later! I did a hard leg workout last night and loosened up a bit with a short 4 miler this moring. By noon I will be VERY sore!

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