What am I going to do after this weekend?

I’ve been training for different races since September. I’ve ran 3 half marathons, a 15K and my marathon is Sunday. The next race on my schedule is in July. That’s 5 months away!

I’m going to need to find something run. Spring is coming and there has to be some races out there that I can find. I need to find something in driving distance.

I’ll be continuing the running streak, but I’ll need something more.

Karebear might not like this, but I need something to do. 🙂

I’ll be looking for some races during the spring.

I did RealRyder and TRX today. I was a great workout. We did a lot of legs and glute work. My sugars have been pretty good today. I had a late lunch which caused a low and then got a high from the rebound. Other than that, everything was good.

Anyone have any race suggestions for Spring? Preferably in the south.

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14 Responses to What am I going to do after this weekend?

  1. Deni says:

    Trail have in Ruston May 5th (or 4th) that first Sat! That’s what I’m doing! RnR Dallas halfarch 24th, doing that too!

  2. steveygaddis says:

    What about just doing some 5 and 10k on the weekends and work on your speed. You have the base built up. you can still do trx/real ryder. During the week implement various types of sprints. one day a week would be a longer run. then on sat. a 5k see if you get it done faster…then add some 10k’s. look under ms track club. they should have stuff close by that you can do.

  3. Becky Conley says:

    Color Me Rad race is March 23 in Fondren for the Blair E Batson Children’s Hospital

  4. rebacox says:

    You could do the OKC Memorial Half/ Marathon. Its one of my favorite events. Or if you like trail runs there are several different distances in the Xterra Oak Mountain races in Alabama in late May.

  5. There is a lot of hype going on about that one. I’ll look into it. Thanks

  6. Becky Conley says:

    Crescent City Classic is March 30 in New Orleans

  7. Bette says:

    Can you tell me what legs and glute work you did?

    • It was tough and felt it all day yesterday in glutes and hamstrings.

      With the TRX straps (you could do it w/o), we did Jump Squats, Reverse Lunges and 3 Point Lunges (lunge forward, right, forward, left)

      With Exercise Ball (large) against the wall, we did Squats, Kettle Bell press w/ Squat and Kettle Bell lifts w/ Squat. For the Kettle Bell exercises we transferred the Bell under our legs while squatting. KB presses were shoulder presses and the lifts were straight arm lifts from waist to chest high.

      We did each exercise about 1-2 mins w/ about 10-15 secs rest. Each set was done 2 times for about a 20 min. workout.

  8. Beat wishes in the race!!! 🙂

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