Another good workout

Today was another good workout. My legs are back to normal and feeling great.

I woke up early for my 6:00 class. We did a tough RealRyder workout with seated sprints, standing sprints, hovers, leans and combinations of all of them. We did that for the first 30 mins.

After RealRyder we moved to the IndoRow machines. This is my least favorite thing to do, but I am getting better at it. It’s a tough upperbody, back and shoulder workout. We did standard rowing sprints, bicep curls and triceps. This lasted for 10 minutes.

We ended the class with 20 minutes of TRX. We did a great total body workout with all sorts of excerises. It was tough.

After workout I ran my streak mile on the treadmill. I’ve been toying with speedwork during my miles on the treamill. Looking at the screen, I run the curves at a 7 and the straight aways at an 8. It changes things up for me and keeps it from not getting too boring. It also pushes me to run faster. I also put the incline at level 2. They say that is more of a road simulation.

My sugars have still been running high today. I’m going to change my pump site and see if it helps for tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day!

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2 Responses to Another good workout

  1. spinrunsew says:

    I wish my gym had TRX classes–I’m intrigued after reading your posts.

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