No planned workouts = blah week

I didn’t plan ahead for my workout schedule and all the classes this week that I would be able to take are full.

I really enjoy going to these classes and it starts my day off right when I go. It also gets me out there to run on the days I don’t go. Since I haven’t been able to go to the classes, I haven’t had the urge to get up early and run.

All I’ve done this week is run my streak miles. I did run 2 miles on Monday though.

need HAVE to get back on a good schedule. I have a half marathon race this weekend and my full in 2 weeks. I need the cross training workouts to keep me strong and stay on track.

I’m going to sign up for the next few weeks now. That way I can get back on my schedule. I hate this “blah” feeling.

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4 Responses to No planned workouts = blah week

  1. Carrie W says:

    Taking time for rest and recovery does the mind,muscles and soul good. That feeling that you are missing out on something is great fuel on race day!

  2. steveygaddis says:

    sounds like you needed a little rest. that’s not like you to not plan your crosstraining schdule out. For now that is in the past. Today is Wed. Prepare for the weekend. That 1/2 will be a piece of cake. If classes are full…just so a little sqaut/push up/ plank type interval at home. That will get those quick twich fibers fueled up. You can turn blah Mon and Tue around….. Where’s the race?

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