18 miles must be my kryponite

Yesterday I ran my second 18 mile training run for the RnR New Orleans marathon. Two weeks ago I ran the first 18 mile run and it didn’t go well at all. Last week I did 20 miles and it was pretty good. This week, although it wasn’t as bad as the first one, wasn’t great.

I wanted to get up early Sat. morning and run, but I over slept and started at 7:45, about 2 hours behind schedule.

I woke up with a high sugar of 242. It was a little lower than last week’s wake up check, so I was good to go since I new it would come down throughout the run. I ate 2 Fiber One PB&J chewy granola bars before I started because I was starving and I only ate one last week. I drank a tall glass of water and headed out.

Like last week, I was going to check my sugar every 5 miles and drink water at every mile.

It was a comfortable 36 degrees when I started and the sun was shining. It was a great day for a run.

I felt really good getting through the first 5 miles. I checked my sugar and it had risen to 284. I was okay with this because I ate and didn’t bolus for the carbs. I also turned down my basal rate before the run to 50%. Feeling good, I ran on.

At mile 10 I was still feeling good. My sugar had come down to 193 and that was encouraging. I was keeping a pace of around 9’45” through the first 10 miles and I was excited about that.

During the next 5 miles, I started feeling like I was getting slower, but according to my Nike+ I was staying pretty steady. Once I got to mile 15, I new I was only 3 miles from finishing so I didn’t check my sugar.

I started struggling and hit a wall at mile 16. I was close to my house and told myself to just go ahead and stop and walk towards the house. I came to a stop sign about a block from my house and stopped. I walked towards the house for a few seconds. Then I asked myself what the heck I was doing?!?! I turned around, walked right back to the stop sign and told myself I was going to run the last 2 miles. I stopped at mile 16 last time and I did not want to relive that moment.

As I ran those final miles, I was hurting. I was tired and my legs were sore, but I carried on. I didn’t want to quit. I did finish. I hit some walls, but I was able to break through them. As much as I struggled those last 5-6 miles, I glad I was able to finish.

I checked my sugar after running and it was 180. Those Fiber One bars must have stayed with me. That’s good though! After I got cleaned up and dressed, my sugar was 181. I ate 2 bran muffins Karebear had fixed for breakfast around 11:30. We ate lunch about a hour and a half later and my sugar had gone way up to 309. I think that was because of the time frame and the carbs of the muffins. I checked again mid afternoon and my sugar had come down to normal at 142. It was 122 before dinner and 81 before bed.

Even though the run wasn’t as “nice” as the 20 miler, it was better than the first 18 miler. My sugars were pretty good before, during and after, so I think I’ve found the ways to keep me going through the run.

Also, I finished my 18 miles in just under 3 hours. That’s very encouraging for my goal of finishing the marathon in under 5 hours. Nice!

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4 Responses to 18 miles must be my kryponite

  1. steveygaddis says:

    good post Curt. Seems like your learning how your sugar are going to behave on these long runs. Also, glad you didn’t repeat stopping at mile 16. That will come in handy at some later date. Now, you know you came break a wall, and quiting is usually more mental than physical.
    one thing i noticed is you said you got up hungry and only had that fiber bar… don’t know if thats the best thing? what did you eat the night before? have you ever talked to a nutritionist about your diet…diabetic diet w/ all those miles? That might be something to explore in the future.
    You’re gonna break 5 hr. what’s the dATE OF THE RACE? Keep preparing!

  2. I had a quinoa burger and sweet potato fries. I probably should take to a nutritionist. The race is Feb 24th.

  3. Jessie says:

    Are you eating during your runs? You really need to be and that will help you. Water only isn’t enough for those distances.

    • I’m eating GU gels. Although, I didn’t eat any for this run. I did eat them on my last 18 miler. Should I be eating something else? It’s hard enough sometimes getting the gels down. I have to watch what I eat because of my blood sugar.

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