A somewhat rest day

Today was a light day.

I didn’t do anything strenuous today. No workout. Just a quick streak mile run after work.

My sugars have been really good today.

I’m mentally prepping for my 18 mil long run tomorrow morning. I feel like it’s going to be a good run. Last week was great, so I don’t know why this one won’t be.

I must remember to eat before I go out. Drink water before and during the run and check my sugar throughout.

Tonight for dinner I had the quinoa burgers I blogged about a couple of months ago. I love them. They are easy to make and very delicious. We had some quinoa left over from our Fresh 20 meals and I just used whatever I had in the fridge and pantry to make them. I thought the burgers and some sweet potato tots would be a good carb dinner before my run.

I hope everyone had a good Friday and started the month of February off right.

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2 Responses to A somewhat rest day

  1. steveygaddis says:

    good luck today…. perfect weather for your run. Did that DR. ever contact you? I’m pulling for SF. in the superbowl.

  2. I have an appointment on Tues. Thanks. I can’t stand the 49ers! Not a huge fan of Bal either, but I’m pulling for the Ravens.

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