A very encouraging 20 miles

So, today was my 20 mile training run for the RnR New Orleans  marathon on February 24th.

After last week’s run, I was anxious and skeptical about today’s run.

Last night’s blood sugars would not come down and I woke up with a high of 284 at 5:30. I ate a Fiber One PB&J chewy granola bar, drank a tall glass of water and went out to take on the 20.

I decided as I ran that I would check my sugar every 5 miles. I had been using a One Touch mini to check my sugar as I ran because it’s small, but the knock on it is that it doesn’t wirelessly send my results to my pump. I recently got a Bayer Contour Next meter. It is compact in size, takes less blood to get a reading and it sends the results to my pump. Yeah! I also set my bolus rate to 50% so I wasn’t getting the normal full dose while I was out there. I also told myself to drink a little water at every mile, so I didn’t guzzle it all at t the beginning.

For my run I decided to run around mine and the surrounding neighborhoods. I felt really good coming out of the first 5 miles and my sugar had dropped to 202. The temperature was 50-51 degrees and it was cool, but nice. I was just running in shorts and a tee.

During the next 5 miles, the clouds hung around and the wind picked up in the open areas. It was getting much cooler and rain had passed through some of the areas I was running in. I was hoping I wouldn’t get caught in the rain. At mile 10 my sugar had come down more to 158. This made me feel better.

I was halfway through, feeling much better than last week and was excited to see how I would finish. The weather was getting cooler, but no rain. I was running through a very familiar part of a surrounding neighborhood and felt good about my time, where I was, and about how long it would take me to get around. At mile 15, I checked again. It was 136. My sugars had been steadily coming down and that was a good feeling. I was a little paranoid about coming in too low at the end, so I ate a GU gel to keep me up.

I knew I was almost finished and I was still moving along pretty good (although I was definitely getting tired). I knew if I could get to 18, everything would be okay. Since last week’s 18 didn’t go so well, I knew if I could get there, I could finish without a hitch. I got to 18 and did a little fist pump in the air and gave an AW YEAH! shout. I was really excited! During the last mile, the rain started coming in at a mist and the temperature felt much cooler. I was soaking wet too from the sweating I had been doing.

I ended up finishing in 3:27:41 at an average pace of 10’23″/mile. This was very encouraging and surprising too. I couldn’t believe I was running at that pace the entire run.

When I finished, I did some good stretching and got cleaned up. I wasn’t very hungry, but I knew I needed to eat something, so I fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal. Before I ate, my sugar was 213. That GU stayed with me during those last miles. I did get hungry around 1pm and we went out for pizza. My sugar was 296 before lunch and has stayed high throughout the afternoon and evening. I changed my site for my pump and hope that will help with the highs.

I might have found a way to keep my sugars up through the run, but now I need to figure out how to keep them down after a long run.

I’m still very encouraged about today’s run and I feel like I can finish the marathon in my goal time of under 5 hours.

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2 Responses to A very encouraging 20 miles

  1. steveygaddis says:

    That’s great Curt! You’ve got 5 hrs beat. Glad that sugar is leveling off during activity. Keep working on that. Wonder what would have happened if u didn’t eat that last gel? Or maybe just part of it?

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