Snow day run

The “blizzard” of 2013 came through central Mississippi early this morning. By “blizzard” I mean and inch or two of snow. We don’t get snow around here very often. When we do, it’s craziness! Kids are out of school, drivers forget how to drive and the news covers it all day.

My driveway during the "blizzard". Scary, I know!

My driveway during the “blizzard”. Scary, I know!

There was more slush and water on the roads than ice, but there were quite a few of wrecks today. Craziness!

Since we don’t get much snow and I’ve never ran in it and I had a 5 miler to run, I took the opportunity to do so.

Karebear took this action shot.

Karebear took this action shot.

I woke up this morning with a sugar of 75. I ate a Honey Stinger waffle and went out for my snow run. I decided to not run with music and enjoy the scenery and listen to the snow and slush beneath my feet. It snowed on me the entire run. It was a beautiful morning. Kids were out making snowmen and families were walking down the streets taking pictures and playing in the snow. I ran pretty good considering the terrain and the tightness of my legs from yesterday’s TRX workout. I ran my 5 miles at 9’31″/mile. My post run sugar was  124.

Karebear and Baby J made a snowman this morning.

Karebear and Baby J made a snowman this morning.

I have been starving to the point of nausea in the mornings and this morning was no different. My sugar before breakfast was 166 and I ate a bowl of oatmeal. By the time I got to work, my hunger was driving me crazy. I ate some almond mix to curb it. The carb count was for a serving size of 3 tablespoons and I must have miscounted my carbs. My sugar before lunch had skyrocketed to 300 at lunch.

I ate a light lunch and bolused for lunch and the high. When I checked again around 4pm, it had come down to 81. By the time I got home, it had fallen more to 65. I drank a little juice and it came back to 79 before dinner.

The day turned out pretty nice. After the snow fell, the sun came out and the temperature rose. Besides the extreme high, my sugars were pretty good today and my run was better than expected. I’m glad I got out there and ran this morning. I was a good, snow day run and happened to be day 60 of the streak.


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