Feeling good

I finally got signed up for a workout class today. It had been almost a week and and I was really wanting to get back to my schedule.

Class started at 6 this morning and I woke up with a low blood sugar of 63. I drank some juice and got ready for class.

I was expecting the normal RealRyder spin then TRX, but Price had us on the IndoRow machines to start out. The IndoRow is not my favorite exercise machine, but I’m getting better at it. We sometimes do it for about 10 minutes after the bike, but today we skipped the bike and rowed for the first 30 minutes of class. I really thought I did well today on the rowing machine and felt pretty good about it.

After rowing, my sugar was 121. We then started our TRX and ab workout. We worked our upperbody on the TRX straps and Price kicks our butts with his ab routine. I was tried from the workout, but I felt really good. My post workout sugar was 133.

My calendar had me running 5 miles today, but I only ran 4. I was getting pressed for time and a big rain storm was on it’s way. I ran my 4 miles at a 9’16″/mi pace. I was proud of that and it made me feel good. My post run sugar dropped a little to 77.

I checked my sugar throughout the day and they all were excellent readings except for a low before lunch.

I love it when I have a great workout, I feel really good and my sugars are under control. It was a great day!

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