A race against the clock

I haven’t been able to get signed into my RealRyder/TRX classes yet, so I’ve been sleeping a little later and running in the evening.

Baby J had swim school at 5:30. It lasts until 6. I thought I could get off work, change clothes and run to Baby J’s swim school in time to see him right before it ended and meet to go have dinner.

I thought his swim school was 4-4.5 miles from our house, so it would take me no longer than 45 minutes to get there. I strarted running about 10 after 5. My Nike+ was working and was running an 8-8 1/2 minute mile. I was moving for me. I was racing against the clock.

It was getting dark and I was wearing my reflective vest, but some of the roads I was running on did not have a sidewalk or shoulder and it was getting pretty difficult to run with 5 o’clock traffic coming towards me.

I also got held up at a couple of enter sections. Once I got to the cross section of the road the swim school is on, I realized they were doing construction and along with the traffic and darkness, it was not safe for me to continue.

I was bummed and it was almost 6. I missed Baby J’s swimming. I had to call Karebear and have them pick me up at the gas station at the intersection.

I had a great run, but I was disappointed I missed him swimming. My average pace was 8’56″/mile. I was way off on the mileage to the swim school. I ran 5.3 miles and it was at least another half mile or so to the school.

I raced against the clock and the clock won.

Also, I have now ran at least a mile for 51 straight days. Wow!

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