Race day tomorrow!

I have my Mississippi Blues 1/2 Marathon tomorrow morning.

I’ve been worried this week about my ability to run coming off a bout with Bronchitis. All I’ve been able to run for the past week or so is a mile or two. I have felt good while running and I ran outside in the cold the last two days.

Today I had a hell of a time with my insulin pump. It would not let me bolus the full amount of insulin at breakfast or lunch. I was able to get the insulin I needed by rebolusing multiple times until I got the amount needed.

After lunch I changed the site for my pump. I inspected the catheter to see if there was a kink in the tubing and didn’t see one. A kink can cause the insulin to not be ditributed at the correct amount and cause the pump to not deliver it. Since I couln’t find a kink, I was puzzled by the no delivery.

Changing the site was the only other option. Problem is when I changed my site, I happened to hit a blood vessel. I didn’t realize this happened until I noticed it after my run tonight. My catheter was red because blood had seeped into the tubing. This also causes low absorption of insulin within the body. So I changed my site again.

Needless to say, my sugars were very high throughout the day because of the catheter issues. This is not what I need the day before a race. I just hope things get under control by the morning.

I did have a great RealRyder and TRX workout this morning. I also ran 1.75 miles at a 9’13” pace to continue the streak.

Hopefully everything will work itself out and I’ll have a great race tomorrow.

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