Preparing for 2013

I’m going to change things up a little bit for 2013. I’ve been strictly writing about my workouts and how they affect my blood sugar. I’m going to start throwing in some things (along with my workouts) to maybe motivate or give information on certain topics.

Just about everyone is on the health bandwagon for the new year. And they should be. Just look at the fitness club parking lots and through the windows at the treadmills. They are full. By February things will be back to normal at these places. I hope one day I’m wrong. Don’t be that person!

If you are not consistently exercising now, or even if you are, these things might help you stick with your goals of 2013.

I read this article today from Runner’s World magazine and it’s a great way to break up your goals by month. If you’re not a runner, you can still use this template for your goals.

One thing the article talks about is setting up your race calendar. This keeps you focused and knowing what lies ahead for you.

Another thing it mentions is writing down your goals. I combine my race calendar and my goals on a monthly calendar I print out. You can get a calendar template here. I put my workouts and the mileage I plan to run. You should put this in a place where you see it everyday. I tape mine to my bathroom mirror. I also scratch through the day and check off the workout or mileage each day as a pat on the back for completion. 🙂 This has become very helpful with my running streak. There are apps and websites that do the same thing, but you have to open them to see them. Seeing it everyday and multiple times a day on your mirror, closet door, etc. keeps you accountable.


My December calendar. If you don’t run what you wrote, just swap days or change it to what you did. I have a lot of changes. 🙂

One thing I do the night before a workout or run is to lay out everything I need for the morning. That way all I have to do is get up, get dressed and grab what I need. This is also helps if you live with someone or have kids. It prevents turning on all your lights and fumbling through drawers in the early morning hours while everyone else is sleeping. If you’re prepared, it’s a lot harder to talk yourself out of doing something.

I hope this article and suggestions help with your planning.

Now today’s workout.

Bronchitis and the holidays have limited my running and workouts for the last week or so and I finally got to get back to my RealRyder cycling and TRX workouts. I haven’t been to a class in almost two weeks. I was glad to get back into it. I’m probably going to be a little sore tomorrow having so much time off from it. I was running a little late this morning and they had already started spinning, so I jumped on my bike with really warming up. We had really good 30 mins on the bike and worked our legs and core in TRX. I can already feel a little soreness in my quads and hamstrings when I stand up.

My insulin pump had run out of insulin during my workout (shame on me!), so I went home and refilled before running 2 miles. I’m still a little weary about running outside, so I ran my miles on the treadmill. I felt good, but my legs were a little tight from the workout. I’m sort of nervous about the half this weekend since I missed my last long run, but I’m trying to stay focused and healthy.

My blood sugars ran like this:

Pre-workout: 139

After 30 mins on RealRyder: 182

After TRX: 276 (I think not having any insulin had an effect this number)

Refilled and changed pump site.

Post 2 mile run: 198

Before breakfast: 162

On my last doctor’s visit, she told me to deduct 2 units from my post workout meal to help with the lows I’ve been having later in the day. I did so and it seemed to help.

Mid morning: 145

Before lunch: 77

Mid afternoon: 87

After the running out of insulin incident, my sugars seemed to be on the right level. It was great to get back to my workouts and runs. It’s also always good when your sugars are controlled.

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