The streak continues with bronchitis

I went to the doctor yesterday morning to see about my cough. After 3 1/2 hours of waiting in the waiting room, I finally got to see him. With everyone in the waiting room coughing, I thought if I didn’t have the flu, I probably would get it. The longer I stayed there, I got more afraid of the possibility.

After a few questions about my symptoms and some breathing tests, I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I told the doctor I was training for a half that was next weekend and he prescribed a handfull of medications. Since I’m a diabetic, I cannot take a “wipeout” steriod. Steriods can make blood sugar levels rise for days. He did prescribe me a steriod that I could take if the other meds didn’t make me feel better after a couple of days and as long as my Endocrinologist said it was okay to take. He talked about me running and getting better, but never said, “Do not run or exercise.”.

After leaving the clinic, I went to see my endocrinologist. I wanted to talk with her about the lows I’d been having and ask her about the steriod. She told me it would be okay to take if I needed, but I would need to make adjustments to my pump to correct the higher sugars. As for my lows, she said to cut 2 units of insulin to the meal bolus after hard workouts. The last thing she told me was not to workout while I was sick.

So far, I haven’t taken her advice. I ran my mile yesterday evening at a steady pace of 10 mins per mile. I felt okay while running, but I was definitely weak. My sugars throughout the day yesterday were on the high side. They did come down as the day closed.

I meant to write this blog yesterday, but took my nighttime medicine and it knocked me out before I could write it. Tonight I’m taking the medicine after I finish writing to be sure I complete it. 🙂

This morning I woke up very groggy. I took the day off from work to rest and not spread the virus throughout the office. The two times I checked my sugar this morning, it was 209 and 231. By lunch it had come down to 171. I was very tired all day and took a nap after lunch. When I woke up from my nap, I felt better, but still tired. I was set on not running and ending my streak.

After some time, I was getting a little stir crazy since I hadn’t left the house all day. I thought a leisure run might perk my spirits up. I ran a couple of errands and picked up some dinner with the family to get out of the house and felt much better. I did get a low blood sugar of 45 before our errands, but after juice, it had come back up to 85 and was 120 before dinner. After dinner and putting baby J down, I put my running shoes on. It had been a cold, wet day in Mississippi and I didn’t want to chance anything by running outside. Against Karebear’s wishes, I ran my mile on the treadmill. I HATE running on the treadmill. It did keep me from running outside and saving my streak though. My sugar was 202 after my run.

Against the wishes of my doctor and wife, I continued to keep my streak alive. My cough is better. It has not gone away though. My scheduled long run will not happen tomorrow, but I do plan to keep the streak alive.

I’m glad I got my miles in!

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2 Responses to The streak continues with bronchitis

  1. We runners are very stubborn – the same thing happened to me the week before the Chicago marathon. I was prescribed antibiotics and was successful. I think having a doctor who is a runner helps. Doctors who also run are essential because they understand our crazy mentality. Although my doctor does not run, he knows how important running is to me. I have had doctors make comments like “marathon? I can’t drive that” – last time I visited that guy. Good luck with you half – feel better – you will do well. Keep us posted!

    • I am not a diabetic, but I have many runner friends who are and I truly respect the care that goes into monitoring blood sugar, nutrition, etc. my father, gradmother, great grandmother all were diabetics. That is one reason I started running and watching my diet. While every time I have a physical – my sugar shows high or low, I have not been diagnosed. So, the simple answer is no, I am not diabetic, but the more complicated is, I have it in my genes, and I am trying to stay away from being put on meds. So far so good.

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