Is the streak in jeopardy?

I’ve had a huge cough since Saturday. It’s steadily getting worse. I had to sleep in a different room last night so not to disturb Karebear. I have no other symptoms other than the cough.

The weather has brought cold temperatures to the south and I’m concerned about running in it. I ran 2 miles this morning. I didn’t try to run fast. I purposely ran slower so I wouldn’t do much harm to myself while breathing in the cold air.

I woke up this morning with a blood sugar of 105. I fixed myself some hot tea with honey to soothe my cough. I then ran my 2 miles at a 10 minute pace. My post run sugar was 73 and I fixed another cup of tea.

When I checked my sugar before breakfast, it had risen some to 155. By mid morning it had basically stayed the same at 153. I was starving, so I ate some trail mix and bolused.

For lunch I ate a huge veggie burger and tater tots. My sugar before eating was 115. I must not have counted my carbs correctly because my sugar at 5pm was 279. I bolused for the high blood sugar correction and it came down some to 184 before dinner and hour or so later.

My cough has been bothering me all day. (I’m coughing as I type) I’m scheduled for a RealRyder/TRX class in the morning, but contemplating on not going. My training calendar has me scheduled for a 5 mile run as well. I’m thinking about taking it easy for the next few days and just running my mile for the streak. I’m going to try and get an appointment for a doctor to check me out to rule out any serious issues.

I don’t need to get worse. I have my half marathon race next weekend and don’t want to miss it. I’m popping Hall’s cough drops and taking Diabetic Tusssin cough medicine. Neither is helping much.

Answer: The word to discribe the possible future of my running streak.

Question: What is…


My current streak number is 38 with 5 days to go.

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2 Responses to Is the streak in jeopardy?

  1. I can tell you that my last Chicago marathon in October I was at the end of a bad bronchitis. As I was tapering My training I felt that literally, everything was In jeopardy. I ran it in 4:35 and was happy with my time. You have a week to recover – focus on nutrition, getting vitamins C, B12 as well as slowly consuming complex carbs. You are doing great in keeping track of your blood sugar, but don’t forget to hydrate and get those key nutrients in. Keep us posted! You can do it!!!

    • Thanks! I’m going to try and continue my streak. I’m taking Vitamin C supplements and drinking lots of water to try and flush “it” out. We’ll see what the doc says I have. I’m nervous about getting worse by being in the waiting room!

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