Training doesn’t stop for the holidays

This is a two day post. I had some issues yesterday with my internet connectivity.

Christmas Eve I had my 5 mile run for my half training. I was staying at my parents and have never run in my hometown. I mapped out a plan in my head the night before. My family was doing Christmas early on Christmas Eve, so I woke up at 6am to get my run in before we opened presents.

When I woke up and before I started, my sugar was 141. As I was running, I realized I needed to a lot further than what I had mapped out in my head. I’m from a small town and could probably run all the way across it in 5 miles. My parent’s live on the outskirts and I ran towards downtown. Once I got downtown, I wasn’t even to the halfway point. I just decided to run. I ran by my best friends childhood home, an old babysitter house and other childhood places. Since I hadn’t ever ran in my hometown, it was fun to kind of relive some childhood memories while I was out there. I made pretty good time. I finished in 44:40 at an average pace of 8’55″/mile. My post run sugar was 106.

My sugars throughout the day, Christmas Eve, were excellent except for a low before lunch. I bounced back and was good for the rest of the day.

Today was the annual Christmas Mile run. About six years ago, one of my cousins decided to run a mile on Christmas morning and make it a tradition. Every year has brought new runners and we get a little excited about as Christmas draws closer.

We planned on meeting at 7:30 this morning to start our run. About 5am a storm came through and brought some cold weather with it. When we met a 7:30, it was just a light mist, but more rain was on it’s way. Nine family members joined in on the “fun” this morning (1 is taking the pic).


My prerun sugar was 152. With all the happenings of Christmas, I didn’t keep up with all my blood sugar testing results. I checked frequently, but just didn’t make notes. From what I remember, everything seemed great.

I hope those of you who are training out there got your runs in.

Do any of you have running traditions with family?

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