Am I getting sick?

Last night I went to bed with a scratchy throat. I was hoping that’s all it was. I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a massive headache, congestion, and a scratchy throat. Not what I needed with an 8 mile long run to do with a half marathon in 2 weeks.

I got up and fixed myself a cup of hot tea and took some medicine for my head. My blood sugar was high at 325. I thought it was due to the way I felt. I was in no shape to run, so I laid back down. I tossed and turned for a little while, but eventually fell back asleep.

I woke up a few hours later and was feeling better. I fixed myself some oatmeal and checked my sugar again. It was back to normal at 149.

I went back and forth all day about running 8 miles or just 1 for my streak. Around 5pm, I felt well enough to go ahead and run my 8.

My sugars were pretty good throughout the day and was 137 before I started my run. I ate half of a Stinger waffle and headed out. The weather was in the upper 40′s and sunny when I started, but got cooler as the sun went down. I felt pretty good considering how I felt earlier in the day. At mile 4, I checked my sugar. It had come down to 79 and I ate the remainder of the Stinger waffle. It felt like I was running forever, but finished in 1:16 with an average pace of 9’31″/mi. My post run sugar was 102 and before I ate dinner it was 139.

I still have that scratch in my throat and starting to cough a little. I’m hoping things don’t get worse. I’ve been told if your issues are above the neck, you can still run. Also, my own advice is, if you can talk yourself out of running, you’re well enough to run.

Do you run when you’re not feeling well?

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4 Responses to Am I getting sick?

  1. Chris says:

    I think the rule of thumb is it’s fine to run with mild cold symptoms, but you shouldn’t run with a fever. Nice job getting in your 8.

  2. Sometimes running is the cure!

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