Daily struggles

A couple of days ago my sugar wouldn’t come down, yesterday it it was pretty good, and today it stayed basically low.

It was another workout day and a planned 4 mile run for training. I woke up with a low blood sugar of 62. I drank some juice and got ready for workout. I checked again before we started and it had gotten a little lower at 59. I drank some more juice. I knew the juice would kick in soon and class was about to start, so I made the decision to go ahead and start despite the low blood sugar. Probably wasn’t the best idea, but it turned out ok at the time.

We worked on sprint intervals on the RealRyder bikes for 20 minutes and afterwards my sugar had come up to 140. We then did 10 minutes of IndoRow and 30 minutes of TRX/ab work. My sugar after class was 153. It was a great workout to have since I had to run my 4 miles. The workout was strenuous, but not too hard on my legs.

I set my Nike+ for 4 miles and started running. I have a loop that is just over 1 mile that I run after class and I figured I would run it 4 times. When I got about 3/4 of the way around, something told me to check my time. Somehow I had paused my run right after I started. I knew all I needed to do was just run the loop 3 more times and it would be 4 miles for sure, but as I finished the 4th loop, my Nike+ said I just needed a little more than half a mile to reach 4. I was feeling really good and decided to keep going.

I ended up running around 5 miles and kept an average pace of 9:06. That was awesome! I was feeling really, really good! My after run sugar was 83. Everything was going great.

Before lunch, my sugar was 85. I ate breakfast and by mid morning it was 131.Then things started going down hill. Before lunch it fallen to 59 and I drank more juice to get it up. It quickly came up to 95 and I ate lunch. By mid afternoon, It had fallen again to 49. I fought with it for the rest of the day and finally got it stable around 5pm.

It’s things like this that makes having diabetes frustrating. You try to do all the right things, and it doesn’t workout. Exercise is great for your body and helps with blood sugars, but I’ve got to find a happy medium for control.

I did have a great run though! 🙂

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