Today flew by

Today was a blur. This post will be short. I don’t remember much about the day once I got to work. Good thing I kept records of my sugars during the day.

Today was another RealRyder/TRX day. My sugar started out at 150. After RealRyder, it came up some to 193. After TRX, it was up some more to 210. Today was my 1 mile run day for my half marathon training, so after TRX I ran my mile. I do remember my legs being sore (they still are). I didn’t try too hard and just ran, but ended up surprised when I finished in 9:26 with all the tightness I was feeling. My post run sugar was 222.

Before breakfast, my sugar was even higher at 272. I ate 2 Eggo waffles with peanut butter. I didn’t check mid morning, but it had come down a good bit to 167 by lunch. I checked again mid afternoon and it basically stayed the same at 177. Then before dinner it was back to normal at 76.

I don’t know where the day went. My sugars were definitely not what they were yesterday, but they did come down eventually.

I’m exhausted and have another busy day tomorrow with a 4 mile run to do.

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