It can’t get much better

I had a great day today!

It started with a great 4 mile run in the brisk Mississippi 40 degree weather. My blood sugar when I woke up and before my run was 146. I ran my 4 miles in 36:10. That’s basicly a 9 minute pace. I was thrilled by that! My post run sugar was 95. Perfect.

I wanted to eat the same thing as yesterday, so I fixed myself another big bowl of oatmeal. I was curious to see if there would be a difference from how my sugars were yesterday.

Before breakfast my sugar was 112. By mid morning, it had risen to 252. It was higher than expected, but because of my run I thought it would get higher. I was hungry and ate some trail mix. I bolused for the high sugar correction and carbs. By lunchtime, my sugar had come down to 89. I ate a Subway sandwich and chips for lunch. I checked my sugar again late this afternoon and it was 91.

Besides the mid morning high, I really couldn’t of asked for better sugars. My run was pain free and quick by my standards. I got to spend some quality time with family tonight after work. It really couldn’t have gotten much better!

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