I’ve got a hunger inside me

Today was a RealRyder/TRX day and a 2 mile run for my half marathon training.

I woke up this morning with a blood sugar of 130. I thought this was excellent since I’ve been having some highs throughout the weekend. I got dressed for workout and checked again. It had risen to 182. I was shocked by this because it had only been 20 minutes from the last check and I hadn’t done anything to raise or lower it.

I had a great RealRyder workout. We mostly concentrated on interval sprints with a few other exercises mixed in. I felt good and pushed myself during the workout. After 30 minutes on the bike, I checked again. My sugar had risen to 212.

We then started our TRX portion. We worked a lot on our core with different ab exercises. It was a tough workout, but again, I felt good during it. My sugar rose somemore after TRX to 237.

I then ran my 2 miles. I didn’t push myself and just ran. I ran with an average pace of 9:42/mi. My sugar after running was 274. My sugars have been rising during exercise, so I wasn’t too concerned. I figured they would come back down around lunch.

I went home and got ready for work. I ate breakfast about an hour and a half after my last check. I fixed myself a big bowl of oatmeal and checked my sugar again. It had stayed constant at 274.

Since I started my training for the half, my metabolism has been working hard. I’ve been hungry a lot. I’ve also been trying to eat a snack between meals. I usually eat some trail mix I keep in my desk. Today I checked my sugar a couple hours after breakfast. It had come down some to 178. I was pretty hungry and ate some trail mix. I bolused for the carbs and my blood sugar.

I had lunch a couple of hours later and just as I thought, my sugar had come back down to normal to 130. It stayed pretty constant for the rest of the day. Three hours after lunch it was 144. I was hungry again and ate more trail mix. Before dinner it was 132.

After my run on Saturday, I’ve also had a hunger for miles. Today I signed up for the RockNRoll New Orleans marathon on February 25th. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. My half marathon on January 5th should fit in perfectly with my training.

I’m feeding my hungers. What are you hungry for? Are you feeding your hungers?

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One Response to I’ve got a hunger inside me

  1. If you would like to run the RNR New Orleans full or half, you can use to code BREEZY at checkout to save $20. It’s only good for today, 12/17/12 until 11:59pm CST.

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