What happenned today?!?!?

Today was my 6 mile long run for my 1/2 marathon training. What started out pretty good, ended up being a crazy day.

I woke up for my run with a low blood sugar of 61. I drank some juice and got ready for my run. It came back up to 73 and I ate one Eggo waffle with peanut butter and bolused for half the carbs.

I set out to run my 6 miles and felt very good. It was a comfortable 53 degrees. It wasn’t too hot or to cold. I was running hard, but I wasn’t pushing myself. At mile 3, I checked my sugar and it was 110. I felt like that was really good coming off a low and running 3 miles. With one mile to go, Istarted to push myself to finish strong. I ended up running the 6 at an average pace of 9:05/mile.

It had been a few weeks since I’d run 6 or more miles and I really enjoyed it. I think I like running longer distances than 1-3 miles.

I checked my sugar after my run and it was 153. I then fixed myself a protein shake with a banana and peanut butter. I counted the carbs and bolused for my meal.

Everything was pretty good up until that point. I started feeling lethargic and thought my sugar was high around midmorning. I checked to be sure and it was high at 289. I bolused for the correction and carried on with my morning. I never really felt better and checked again before lunch. It had actually gone up to 352!

I was shocked. Why hadn’t it gone down? I was hungry. I’m not usually hungry when my sugars are that high. I checked my sugar throughout the afternoon and it took the entire time for it to come down.

About 4 hours after lunch, my sugar was finally “normal” at 148. About an hour or so later, I started feeling really clammy and began sweating. I new my sugar was crashing. I checked and it had fallen to 53.

Blood sugars with a span of 352 to 53 after a great run makes no sense to me. I did everything right to prevent highs or lows. I just don’t know what happened today?

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7 Responses to What happenned today?!?!?

  1. Brittany says:

    Oh no!! Sorry to hear your levels were so wonky..at least you had a great run!

  2. The Jones says:

    I always find that after I work out, my blood sugar goes up as a reaction of my body. I’ve also found that drinking any sort of gatorade after a workout makes it spike IMMENSELY. Only water for afterward. I just eat something normal (like a sandwich) and bolus normal. If Im going out afterward, I usually keep a bottle of gatorade or something else nearby just in case I crash later. But it does usually help to get something regular in the system right afterward. I think the immediate spike afterward is just your body replacing all the food-stuff you just used from your body, and it travels through your blood stream. That’s why the gatorade makes it so bad, because it says it’s designed to replace just that and do it very quickly. However, don’t quote me on that medical explanation. It’s just the idea I have in my head. It’s not like I read it in a book.

    Protein shakes also make my sugar spike after they’re “technically” supposed to already be through my system. Depending on how much carbs and proteins are in it, a long range dual wave bolus has done good for me (my protein shakes are a little ridiculous due to my CF. I’ve given myself 32 units for only one of them. So I might not be the best exact model for everybody, but the idea is the same). I have NOT found a way to correlate it directly to the amount of food I’m eating, though. I’ve also found protein shakes to defy correction boluses. They just always make the sugar go up way after normal food is supposed to stop affecting your system. It’s just trial and error. Just make exactly the same protein shake every time for simplicity’s sake and figure out what happens.

    My guess is you did both at the same time. However, with the before-run low blood sugar of 61, I try and eat something with protein then (peanut butter works wonders) just because even if I get my sugar up, I still feel woozy in the middle of the run. Looks like you did that, too. I don’t think it was what you did before, probably just what you did afterwards. But hey, it happens.

    • Thanks for the advice. I only drink water before, during, and after workouts. The banana/pb shake is my standard, although it depends if we have bananas. I do always use peanut butter.

      I usually spike after shorter workouts/runs and get lower with the longer ones. I’m sure the pre-run low had something to do with the spike later, but I thought I had ran out because my sugars were good during and right after.

      My protein shakes haven’t really effected me throughout the entire day before. I guess everything added together (the low, the run and the shake) made for a high day.

      Thanks again for the read and the advice!

  3. I am training for my 4th full marathon and I have decided to limit my intake of sports drinks. I bought a juicer and after my 7 mile Run yesterday I had broccoli, kale and bet juice. I know, sounds nasty, but it does not spike sugar levels while providing vitamins and minerals.

      • I am not a diabetic, but I have many runner friends who are and I truly respect the care that goes into monitoring blood sugar, nutrition, etc. my father, gradmother, great grandmother all were diabetics. That is one reason I started running and watching my diet. While every time I have a physical – my sugar shows high or low, I have not been diagnosed. So, the simple answer is no, I am not diabetic, but the more complicated is, I have it in my genes, and I am trying to stay away from being put on meds. So far so good.

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