They all can’t be perfect days

Yesterday was almost perfect. Today, not so much.

I woke up this morning to run my 3 miles for my 1/2 marathon training. I had a feeling was blood sugar was elevated when I woke up. I felt kind of “heavy”. I did eat sushi late last night, so maybe the rice stuck with me throughout the night. My blood sugar was 232.

I went out and ran my 3 miles feeling pretty good. I did a hill workout where a ran up and down a hill for a mile, 3 times. It was tough, but I pushed myself through it and I knew the exertion would help lower my sugar. I ran my 3 in 27:03. I was very pleased with that time. My post-run sugar dropped down to 155. I didn’t bolus for the morning high, so maybe that’s why it didn’t come down more.

Throughout most of the day my sugar stayed around 150. It was 150 before breakfast and 151 before lunch. Not terrible, but after a day like yesterday, I thought it would’ve eventually come down lower.

I usually change the spot where I wear my pump on Sundays and Wednesdays, but I had a good amount of insulin left over and thought I’d stretch it out until this evening. That wasn’t a great idea. I started feeling some discomfort where my site was this afternoon and I also started feeling very fatigued. When I checked my sugar, it was 440. My insulin must’ve not been getting absorbed properly and that’s why I was having the discomfort. I changed my site, bolused and my sugar came down a couple hours later to 204. It still hasn’t been great since the site change, but it’s been better.

Hopefully tomorrow my sugars will get back to perfect. 🙂

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