An almost perfect day

Today was a beautiful day. It started for me at 5 am. I got dressed for my RealRyder/TRX class. My blood sugar before class was 107. I ate a granola bar and bolused for half the carbs to get me through the workout.

I was a little sluggish on the RealRyder bike. I thought today was not going to be a good one. My legs felt tight and I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. I had a great RealRyder workout, but I just couldn’t push myself like normal. After 30 minutes on the bike, my blood sugar basically stayed the same at 106.

The TRX  portion of my workout was better for me. I guess I worked through the stiffness on the bike. We did a lot of plyometrics with the TRX straps and a kettle bell. I felt much better as the workout went on.

After TRX, I ran my mile to continue my running streak. It’s been 25 days so far! I felt pretty good during my. It was cold and my shirt was wet with sweat, but I warmed up pretty quickly and finished my mile run in 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

My post run sugar was 111 and my sugars throughout the day never reached over 127. That is a beautiful thing. I can’t remember a day where the entire day was in the “target” range. Target range for me 80-120. I say 127 is pretty dang close to target range!

It I hadn’t felt so slugglish starting out my workout, It would’ve been a perfect day. I hope this is a sign of what’s to come. How was your day today?

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3 Responses to An almost perfect day

  1. trueindigo says:

    Great to read about another streaker though my miles are never quite that speedy. I better get out and get day 28 done. Have a great run today 🙂

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