Is a lunchtime run a good idea?

I had my alarm set this morning for 6:15am since I didn’t have a workout class today and was only running, but I was tired and turned it off. I woke up an hour later, but it was too late to run my 4 miles I had planned for the day.

I thought about running the 4 miles tomorrow and just running my mile, but tomorrow is a workout day and I really don’t want to run 4 miles after a workout. I told myself I would just run it during my lunch break. I have a pretty flexible schedule and I could be finished running with time to clean up and eat with no problem. I had some projects to finish and had a coworker meeting me at the office around 2pm, so I was on sort of a tight schedule.

My blood sugars had been pretty good this morning and I ate a trail mix snack around 10:30 to prepare for my run at noon. I got busy at work and didn’t leave the office until 12:15. Karebear said she and Baby J would run part of the way with me, so I hurried home to start my run.

My pre-run sugar was 169 and we all headed out to run. We planned on me pushing J the first mile and Karebear would turn around and push him home to get her 2 miles in and I would finish my run by myself.

I was running with my phone and received 2 calls during the first mile. I was already concerned about something coming up at work and getting two calls right out of the gate made me nervous. One was just my mom (we had been playing phone tag all morning) and the other was my coworker whom I was meeting later, but every time it rang made me nervous for some reason.

We changed up our route and I pushed J for 2 miles ending close to our house. Karebear took over the pushing and headed home. I continued on to finish my other 2 miles.

Through my earbuds I could hear some emails coming through on my phone. I just knew they were work related and I ended up cutting my run short to 3 miles. When I checked my emails, they were work related and they were pretty important, so it was a good thing I shortened my run. I ended up running my 3 miles at a 10:03 pace.

I got back to the house and checked my sugars again. It had come down to 78 and I asked Karebear to fix me a protein shake while I got dressed. After I cleaned up and got back dressed for work, I checked my sugar again before I ate. It had fallen to 56. I drank some juice and it quickly came back up to 73 when I rechecked. I ate/drank my shake and headed back to work.

I checked my sugars again mid-afternoon and it was 99. I did take my doctor’s advice and reduced my pump’s basal rate while I ran. I did think that helped even though it dropped low after my run.

I got everything I needed to get done at work with no consequences of me running at lunch, but I’m not sure if I’ll do it again. I just need to go to bed earlier and get up when my alarm goes off next time.

Have you every exercised during your lunch break? If so, did it make you feel uncomfortable?

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2 Responses to Is a lunchtime run a good idea?

  1. Simone says:

    I get my weekday runs in regularly during my lunch break. I try not to eat too much junk in the morning if I know I’m running at lunch, but I rarely have an issue with it. I actually have had some of my best runs at lunch.

    • Thanks for the read! I guess I was nervous about it being my first time doing it. Like most other things, once you do them it becomes “ok”. I’ll probably try it again at some point, but not anytime soon. 🙂

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