A crazy sugar day and a Dr. visit

After a late dinner last night of pizza, I woke up this morning with a high blood sugar of 316. I’ve been eating a lot of pizza lately it seems and it’s been having the same effect on me with the highs. I bolused for the high blood sugar and got ready for my 5:30 am RealRyder/TRX class.

I checked again right before class to see if it had come down any. It actually rose a little to 337. Geez! I got on the bike for the RealRyder spin portion of the workout and pedaled my through a series of sprints for 30 mins. I checked again post-spin and it had come down some to 238.

We followed RealRyder up with a great full body and ab TRX workout. We did a lot of new ab exercises this morning and that’s something I definitely need. I followed up TRX with a 2 mile run for my half marathon training. Pre-run sugar was 131 and my run in the rain was at a 10:08/mi pace. It was raining petty good when we finished our workout, but since I was already wet from all my sweat, I decided to go ahead and run outside.

I checked my sugar after my run when I got home and it had fallen all the way down to 50. I drank some juice and got ready for work. I fixed a protein shake for breakfast and checked my sugar again. With the juice, it had returned to normal at 114. I bolused for the shake and went to work.

My mid morning sugar was 103 and I ate some trail mix for a snack and bolused for the carbs. It was good to see it back to normal! I had a doctor’s appointment at 1pm, so I went home for some lunch before my visit. My pre-lunch sugar had come down to 70 and I ate a quick sandwich and went to my appointment.

At the doctor’s office I went through the bloodwork, weighing, blood pressure, etc. routine and was sent back to the waiting room to wait for the doctor. The nurse came back out and said my sugar was low at 65 and she gave me some glucose tablets to bring it up. This really surprised me since I just ate less than 30 minutes before. The tablets brought my sugar up to 83 about 10 mins later and I went in to see the doctor.

I told her how much I’d been exercising and running. She noticed from my pump download and notes I have been taking for this blog that my sugars were being affected around lunch and early afternoon from the exercising. She recommended that I turn my pump down a little 30 minutes to 30 mins after my exercising. That way my pump is not giving me too much insulin while I workout. We also made some adjustments to my basal rate during the lunch and early afternoon time frames. My basal rate is the amount of insulin my pump gives me on an hourly basis. My doctor was supportive of me and my exercising and is always interested in my running progress.

It’s tough having crazy sugar days like this. Waking up high and having lows like a roller coaster is frustrating and hopefully the changes we made will make a difference. I’m sure they will. 🙂

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