A family 5K race recap

My sister competed in her 1st race today. It was the Jingle Bell Run 5K in our hometown in Louisiana. Me and the fam decided it would be fun to surprise her and run the race with her.

We got to the race about 15 mins before the start time and I hustled to pick up our packets while Karebear got the stroller and baby J out of the car.

I looked for my sis while I was getting my packet, but I didn’t see her. As I was heading back to the car, weaving through the crowd, someone grabbed my arm and called my name. It was my sister. She was completely shocked! She asked me, “What are you doing here?”. I told her me and the fam were here to run with her. She couldn’t believe it. We live 2 1/2 hours away, but we thought it was important to support her.

My sister had a friend running with her and Karebear ran with them. I pushed J in the stroller and ran ahead.

I started the race towards the back since I had the stroller. As I started running, the front wheel kept wobbling uncontrollably. I stopped to try and fix it and realized the locking pin was broken. I basically ran the entire race with the stroller in “wheelie” mode. It was very frustrating! I stopped a few times along the way to try and see if I could figure out how to make it work, but couldn’t. It was very frustrating and I’m sure a little uncomfortable for J.

Baby J and I finished the race in 29:29 which was okay considering our circumstances. After J and I finished, we walked up the road to watch Karebear and my sister come down the last stretch to the finish. J and I cheered for them and they finished strong.

We all had a great time and I was proud of my sister. I’m wondering if she’s looking for more races to sign up for?

After the race, the sponsor had a ton of door prizes to give away and I won a shirt. It was too small, but I was a winner anyway!

My pre-race sugar was 185 and post-race was 189. Not sure why it was so high before the race. It was 94 before I went to bed.



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4 Responses to A family 5K race recap

  1. Tina says:

    Wow that is a great time considering your stroller malfunctioned. Way to push thru!

  2. You were awesome pushing that stroller with a bummed wheel AND all those HILLS!! You rock!! 🙂

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