Do we need theme music?

I remember as a kid wanting theme music as I was walking down the hall at school or about to do something daring like rolling down a hill. šŸ™‚ We always had music playing in our heads for those big or not so big moments in our life.

Well, now we can have our theme music whenever and wherever we want with our iPhones and iPods. Those of us who do run with music, usually have a playlist they listen to. Whether it’s just for background noise or to power you through your run/workout.

When I’m on my bike during the RealRyder classes, we are listening to very upbeat Hip Hop or Rock songs. I use those beats to find a cadence and push through the class. I love music, but I love the actual MUSIC more than the words.

I’ve been doing my runs without music lately because I’ve been running right after my classes and I don’t bring my earbuds with me. It’s also nice to hear the sounds of your feet on the pavement. Not this morning though.

I didn’t have a class this morning, so I slept a little later than normal. I checked my sugar (94), ate 1/2 of a banana, and left the house for my 4 mile run. I realized as I was setting my Nike+ that I didn’t have my earbuds. I turned around, went back inside and grabbed them. Glad I did!

I hit the pavement and started my run to some very hard Rage Against the MachineĀ songs. It got me moving! I was feeling good and the music was motivating. I had set my playlist on shuffle and it played 2 Rage songs back to back. I was running through my neighborhood which is fairly hilly, and the songs really had me going strong.

Not for everyone, but good to run to

Not for everyone, but good to run to

I tend to tune out the music at times during my runs. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of the things I still have to do or what I’m going to write about in my blog or telling myself to push a little further. I was just over the halfway point of my run and Bush’s “Machinehead” song came on. I remember thisĀ specifically because I had just ran up a couple of nice hillsĀ  and was running down them.

Great album!

Great album!

The song starts off “Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…” and I was telling myself to just breathe and keep going even though my legs were tired from the hills. Ole Bush got me down the winding hills through the neighborhood and back up another one.

Later, Santana’s “Oye Como Va” came on at the perfect time. I was running through a flat part of my neighborhood and I was getting close to the finish. I though this song would take me to the end of my run, but I realized I still had just a little left to go.

Man, can he can play a guitara!

Man, can he can play a guitara!

Then, Bam! Paramore’s “Misery Business” hit me. The beats from that song woke up my tired legs and I actually started running faster to finish my run. That is a great song for speed. It has a great cadence to run to.

This song gets me moving!

This song gets me moving!

Once I got back to the house I checked my sugar again. It was 126. Very good after 4 miles at an 8:40/mi average pace. I got ready for work and checked again before eating breakfast. It had come down a little to 92.

These are great sugars for me and I was excited to see these results! My sugar before lunch was 105. Looks like my body is doing a lot of work and taking care of my sugars with my exercising. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I’m interested on what they have to say about all the records I’ve been keeping the last couple of weeks.

So, my music motivated and pushed me through my run today. I enjoyed and needed my theme music. Do you run or workout with music? If so, do you have a power song(s)?

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