Answered prayers

My legs have been so sore this week. I posted yesterday that I would say a little prayer for a non-leg TRX workout today. Well, my prayers were answered! Whew!

I got a notification yesterday that I got taken off the waiting list and put into the 6am RealRyder/TRX class for this morning. I really wanted to take the Friday morning class (I was on that waiting list too) to give my sore legs a break, but I’ll take what I can get.

I woke up this morning at 5am pretty refreshed and my legs weren’t too sore. I thought to myself, it was going to be a good day. I was curious about my sugar because I had been running high, but it was 153. Which is a little high, but very¬†manageable. I got dressed and went to the studio.

I was one of the first people there and I mentioned to Kelly, the instructor, how much leg work we’d been doing for the last week or so. She said that was good to know and she would change it up. *Thumbs up*

We started out on the bike and she took us through a great workout for 30 minutes. I felt a little soreness in my legs, but nothing like before. I guess I worked through it. After the bike, I checked my sugar and it had come down a lot to 84. I didn’t eat or drink anything because I thought I might spike from the TRX.

Kelly kept her word and we worked our abs with planks and used the TRX straps for an intense upper body workout. She also teaches Pilates, so she worked in some Pilates moves as well. She worked us good! I was dripping with sweat.

My post-workout sugar was 77 and I ate a GU gel because I still had to run. I was planning on running 3 miles today, but I’m switching my Friday run to the 3 miles and ran 1 today. I felt really good this morning on my run. My legs weren’t tight and I didn’t feel the need to push myself through it. It took me 8 1/2 minutes to run a little over a mile which I was excited about since I had been having all that soreness. After my run, my sugar was 109.

Once I got home, I got ready for work and fixed some cottage cheese with raspberries again and 1 Eggo chocolate chip waffle for breakfast. My sugar was 146 and I bolused for breakfast. Work was kind of busy today and I forgot to do my 2 hour check. I also, didn’t take my lunch break as early as normal and once I did, my sugar was a little low at 61. I drank some juice and it came back up to 87 before I ate my 6″ veggie sub from Subway.

I was a good morning with my sugars pretty much under control, my nice 1 mile run and especially my answered prayer of a break from a leg workout! I hope you had a good morning/day too!


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