I can feel my legs!!!

You read that right. Not, I can’t feel my legs. I CAN feel my legs! Today, I feel my legs every time I walk, every time I sit down and stand up and every time I get in and out of my car. Every time I move my legs I feel them. My muscles are sore!

If you ever thought running a mile a day could be easy, think again. Not only do you have your normal daily activities, work and family things to do, you have to make time some where in your schedule to run. If you happen to training for a race or doing other exercising (TRX or RealRyder spin classes) it gets super hard! I’m definitely not quitting, but I’m not sure if I’ll go past the end on New Year’s. Well, I have a race that weekend, so maybe after the race I’ll stop. I have a friend, The Accidental Athlete, who has been running a streak since Memorial Day. She’s been running everyday for over 190 days! Yikes!

I ate too much last night and didn’t give myself enough insulin for my meal. I woke up at 3am and could tell my sugar was high. When I checked, it was over 300. I don’t remember the exact number, but I know it was over 300. It made me feel like an idiot. I should have checked my sugar before bed, but I had a late dinner and was very tired. I don’t check before bed most of the time, but it’s definitely something I should do every night. Anywho, I bolused for the correction and went back to bed.

My alarm went off at 4:45 am shortly after I went back to sleep. I was signed up for the 5:30am RealRyder/TRX class. I got dressed and checked my sugar again before leaving the house. It had come down a little at 273. I bolused again for the correction.

Once I got to the studio, I got on my bike and we hit the pedals. (Is that a cycling saying?) Price had us standing up, hovering, squatting, rolling hills, sprinting and every other thing we could possibly do on the bike for 30 mins. My legs were freakin’ hurting!! Of course I didn’t show my pain, though. 😉

We then headed into the TRX room. I checked my sugar again and it had come down some more to 191. For the next 30 mins, Tim had us squatting and lunging all which-away with  a 15 lb kettle bell. Then we put one foot in the strap and did more kettle bell squats again, then switched feet and did it a few more sets. I was feeling it! Geez! It seems like we’ve been doing leg workouts for weeks!  My quads, hammies and glutes were sore and I still had to go run that flippin’ mile!

After class, I put my stuff in my car, set my Nike+ and ran my mile. Surprisingly I felt okay running. Don’t get me wrong, I was feeling the soreness. I pushed myself again to finish at a sub 9 minute mile. I just made it at 8:51/mi. When I got home, I checked my sugar again. It was a great 114.

I got ready for work and fixed some cottage cheese with raspberries for breakfast. My wife, Karebear (we’ll call her that from now on), had heated up some leftover Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for Baby J and I and I ate mine plus his (they were un-iced). He wasn’t very hungry this morning. My sugar before breakfast came up some to 169. I bolused for the correction and carbs and headed to work.

I had mentioned in an early post I was going to check 2-3 hours later to see what was going on after working out and/or eating. Well, I guess those cinnamon rolls had more carbs than I thought because my sugar had risen to 189. Which isn’t too bad I guess from eating 2 rolls and fruit at breakfast not too long before. I was starving at this time, so I ate a cereal bar I had at my desk and bolused for it. I ate lunch 2 hours later and my sugar had come down slightly to 166.

Hopefully tomorrow’s sugars will be better and my legs will get some soreness out. I have another RealRyder/TRX class at 6 in the morning. Tonight’s prayers will include a prayer for an upper body TRX workout because I CAN STILL feel my legs!

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