My 5 week 1/2 marathon training program

I have 5 weeks until the Mississippi Blues Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. How time flies! I ran a 15K  two weeks ago and have been running a mile or two everyday since then, but I haven’t ran any real distances since the race. It’s time to get to training!

I don’t necessarily recommend this training program, but it worked for me in October when I ran the Monroe 1/2 Marathon in Monroe, LA at the beginning of last month.  This time it’s going to be a little more tough with the 1 mile streak to continue, but I’ve written out my calendar and I’m ready for the challenge!

It basically breaks down like this:

SUN – 1 mile run

M/W/F – RealRyder/TRX & 1 mile runs

T/TH  – “normal” runs, basically  half the distance of my upcoming long runs (wk 1: 3 mi, wk 2: 3 mi, wk 3: 4 mi, wk 4: 5 mi and wk 5: 3 mi)

SAT – long run (wk 1: 4 mi, wk 2: 6 mi, wk 3: 8 mi, wk 4: 10 mi and wk 5: race day 13.1 mi)

I know there are holidays that will come into play, but I’ll just flip some things around on those days.

Yesterday I ran my mile, so today was the 3 miler. Woke up a little later than I wanted, but plenty of time for my run. Another late dinner and carb-counting mistake had me at a high pre-run sugar of 199. I would have normally corrected the high, but did not bolus for the correction because I wanted to see what would happen since yesterday’s strange spikes. I ran my 3 miles with an average pace of 8:28/mi. I though that was excellent because my legs were sore from yesterday’s workout. My post-run sugar was 151. Very pleased to see it going down rather than spiking like yesterday.

I got dressed for work and came to the kitchen for breakfast. My wife had fixed me a bowl of oatmeal and a few raspberries. I checked my sugar again before I ate. It was 125. That is what’s supposed to happen when I exercise!

Felt great all morning at work except for my aching legs. I checked my sugar before I ate lunch and it had gotten down to 69. I drank a little juice and it quickly came back up to 81.

We’ll see how my training and sugars go the next few weeks. Should be interesting to see what happens as I get into the higher mileage and really document my results.

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