Frustrations of a diabetic

After a nice getaway to Atlanta to watch the SEC Championship game, I was back to the grind today. I did run my miles to continue the streak over the weekend.

My morning started with a 5:30am RealRyder/TRX class. My pre-workout blood sugar was 122. I did not eat anything and was curious how the bike workout would affect it. After an intense 30 minutes on the bike, we moved into the TRX room.

I checked again. It read 204. 204! Seriously! Why did it spike that high? I thought I was going to need to eat something after being on the bike, but that definitely wasn’t the case. We finished 30 minutes of total body TRX. I was tired, but felt pretty good and went out to run my mile for today. My legs were tight and fatigued, but I ran a solid 1.2 miles with an average pace of 8:55/mi. I pushed myself to stay under the 9 mins/mile mark.

I checked my sugar when I got home. I was shocked again at a 265 reading. How in the world did my sugars go from a great pre-workout reading at 122, to 204, then to 265 after over an hour of high cardio exercising?!?!?

These are the times when being a diabetic are very frustrating. You feel like you are doing all the right things and for some odd reason, your blood sugar just gets out of whack with no explanation.

I ate a protein shake for breakfast and bolused for the correction and carbs. I checked my sugar again about 4 hours later. I was getting hungry and though it had come down. It did come down. It was 138. I was relieved.

I’ve definitely had high sugars before and most of the time there’s a pretty good reason. It’s the ones that you can’t figure out that make it so frustrating.

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