Moon over my hammies

Good morning, world!

My alarm went off at 5:45 this morning. I was going through my normal wake up routine and my wife’s alarm went off too. I thought, what’s her alarm going off for this early? Then it hit me. It’s Friday. She always teaches Pilates on Friday mornings.

I’m usually taking the 5am RealRyder/TRX class on Fridays so I can be home by 6 so she can go teach. My workout schedule has been off this week and I totally forgot about this. I was planning on getting a longer run in this morning, but since she had to leave soon, I quickly got ready and headed out the door for my 1.3 mile loop. My pre-run sugar was 174. Dang pizza dinner last night! I bolused for the correction and took off.

It was a cool 38 degrees and the sun was just barely coming out. The moon was HUGE and bright. Such a beautiful morning. It felt good to get out there and start my day. My legs were still a little sore and tight. Especially my hamstrings. I’ve always had tight hamstrings.

Moon over my hammies

Moon over my hammies

Every time I see a big moon, I think of the Denny’s breakfast meal “Moon over my hammy”. I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten it, but I definitely remember seeing it. Thought it was a perfect for today.

I got back to the house in time for my wife to head to class and not be late. My post run sugar was 173. It had only been about 10 minutes since my last check and bolus, so no change in my sugar didn’t surprise me.

For the next hour and a half, I got ready for work, piddled around the house and fixed a nice big bowl of oatmeal. Man, you can get things done when you get up! My sugar before breakfast had come down to 140.

It’s been a great morning so far. Bring on the day!


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4 Responses to Moon over my hammies

  1. 68bearcat says:

    You are doing so good! And, I agree with you about the beautiful moon! It has been especially magnificent the last few nights.

  2. Jenny says:

    That is honestly too funny about the thinking about “moon over my hammies” . I think of the same stupid thing when someone mentions Denny’s, or if I pass it downtown. I also don’t think I have eaten it! (I enjoy the grand slam) My old roomate used to order it all the time, and from what I remember he talked about it at random times even when breakfast food was not apart of our conversation. =)

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