Quads of steel

I had signed up for the 5pm RealRyder/TRX class again and decided I would get my mile in today by running to workout, so left work a little early. I got home with 20 minutes until class started. My dogs were excited to see me and were begging to go out, so I took them for a “quick” walk. Well, I should have known, I’m on their time. They sniffed and checked everything out for quite some time. You know, everything is in slow motion when you’re in a hurry. We finally finished up and headed back in. I had about 10 minutes before class now!

I quickly got dressed, checked the clock, checked my sugar (167) and headed out the door. I had about 5 minutes to get to there on time. That wasn’t going to happen! I live about a mile and a half from the studio and have to cross 2 major streets during 5 o’clock traffic. My average pace per mile is about 9 minutes, but I can run one in 7 1/2 if I push it. Either way I was going to be late, so I pushed it. I took a faster route that was 1.37 miles. It took me 10:14 minutes and the class already started.

I was dripping with sweat even though it was pretty chilly outside. I hopped on my bike and started pedaling. Tim really worked us today. We stood on the bike almost the entire time. He kept yelling, “BURN THOSE QUADS!”, “SQUAT DOWN LOW!” and “FEEL THE BURN!”. I was REALLY feeling it after pushing myself to get there! We cycled for 30 minutes. My shirt was soaked, my legs were fatigued and I wondered what was coming next with TRX.

I checked my sugar again (109) before TRX started. It just so happened to be a legs only day. GREAT! *sarcasm* We did all kinds of different squats and lunges for 30 minutes. Towards the end, I actually got a little winded and light headed and was wondering if my sugar was dropping. I checked after class and it was 89. Not as low as I was expecting since I felt the way I did. I was glad it wasn’t too low though. Just in case it was dropping I ate a GU gel.

Since I ran to workout, I needed to run home. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I was wondering if I could push myself to run all the way home. Lucky for me, my wife called and just happened to be around the corner and asked if I needed a ride. I took her up on her offer. Whew!

This week is my 3 month anniversary at the Fitness Factory Studio in Jackson. I have been working hard and can tell a difference in my body. The RealRyder bike classes and TRX workouts along with my running have really shaped up my legs, especially my quads. After a workout like today, I feel like I have quads of steel!

We got home, I changed clothes, and helped feed the boy. It had been 30 minutes or so since my last finger stick, so I checked again. It was 139 and I ate some hummus with pita bread and bolused for those carbs. I gave my boy a bath and came back to the kitchen to fix dinner. I told my wife I would fix dinner to let her get some things done she needed to do.

After a good workout, protein is needed to rebuild your muscles. My wife and I are pescatarian. At home we usually eat vegetable based meals and only eat fish when we go out. Tonight I fixed Quinoa burgers. These babies are delicious! So as a bonus I’m going to share the recipe. Try these out. Quinoa is considered a complete protein.

Before dinner’s blood sugar was 147.

Here is a link for more info about quinoa: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/glossary/g/whatisquinoa.htm:

Here is the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Little-Quinoa-Patties-365029

Quinoa burger on an English muffin w/ mayo, mustard, mixed greens, tomato and avocado


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5 Responses to Quads of steel

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Curt, thanks for the recipe. Glad I found your blog- I also happen to be a Type 1, pescatarian, runner of half marathons, with little kids at home. Good luck with your running streak. Look forward to following your blog. Chris

  2. Chris says:

    It’s always a challenge (of course) but I usually do ok. Depending on the distance, I set out with blood sugar in the 120-180 range. For anything over 7 or 8 miles I will bring food- anything from an energy gel or chew to sometimes jelly beans or raisins. During a run I’m always erring on the side of high blood sugar; I can correct once I’m done if necessary. Then I’m just on the lookout for lows the rest of the day and night. I feel like halfs are a good distance for me. As long as I start out on the high side and take in some carbs my numbers are usually decent afterwards. chris

    • I agree with erring on the high side. That’s why I usually eat something if it’s under 100. GU gels have been good for me when I run distances. They’re usually pretty quick at getting my sugars back up. Do you blog or know of anyone here that is going through the same stuff we are? I’m very interested in hearing how other people deal with hteir diabetes while exercising or running.

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