A quick run

Last night’s workout and run had me pretty keyed up last night. I finally got to sleep sometime after midnight. A storm came through our area and I woke up a few time during the night. I was planning on getting up early and running my mile because my evening plans are booked up. But because of my restless sleep, I woke up later than expected.

Once I woke up, I checked my sugar. It was 84. Which was excellent since I had a big pasta dinner last night. I put on my running shoes and headed out the door. I had restarted my phone because of last night’s Nike+ ordeal and the app was working again. Thank goodness! I decided to run the same route as last night to be sure of the distance. I knew it was a least a mile, but I wanted to know the exact distance. It was 1.3 miles. I ran for 11 minutes and 12 seconds at a pace of 8:20/mi. Last night I ran for 11 minutes and 30 seconds on the same route. That is pretty impressive to me considering the workout I had before my run last night. I checked my sugar again when I got home. It was 93. Very pleased!

After 40 minutes of getting ready for work, I checked again before I ate breakfast. It hadn’t gone up much at 99. I ate some peanut butter sandwiched between to Eggo waffles. That’s my breakfast of choice. I told myself, It’s nice to know what your sugars are before, during and after workouts, but you also need to know what happens 2 hours or so after. Especially after eating. I checked after 2 1/2 hours and it was 208. High, but understandable with the peanut butter I had. I checked again an hour later before lunch and it had gone down to 141. I felt good about that.

It’s amazing to me how your body burns through those calories and carbs and how your blood sugar is affected even from a quick run. I’ve learned some things since last Monday when I started this blog. It’s helping me really understand my body.

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