So today was just another manic Monday. At work I was catching up from a short week with Thanksgiving. I was also getting over tough losses from Louisiana Tech Univ. and the New Orleans Saints over the weekend. I had signed up for the 5pm evening class of RealRyder cycling and TRX at the Fitness Factory. I do look forward to these classes. It’s a good way to relieve the stress of a hard day or start your day off right. Today was for relieving stress.

I checked my sugar 30 minutes before class. It was 144. I ate a granola bar and bolused for the carbs. I left work and headed to the studio. I got on my bike and received my first surprise. 10 pound weights were being strapped to my ankles. Ohhh boy! Tim, our instructor, wanted everyone to work off Thanksgiving’s overindulgence. We did 30 minutes on the RealRyder bike and moved over to the TRX room. I checked my sugar again and it was 86. We did 20 minutes of TRX with the ankles weights still on and afterwards finally got to take them off. We then worked on abs. This is where the second surprise came. Tim gave each of us 2 discs and I realized they were gliding discs. We got into a push up position and did numerous ab exercises. The gliders really made you focus on your core. It’s funny how much work and pain you go through in these classes, but also how much enjoyment you get out of them and keep wanting to come back. Class finished up after abs and my sugar was 74. I drank some juice because I still had to my mile to do to continue the streak.

I drove home after workout and went to start my run as soon as I got there. I was pretty fatigued from the workout so I was just going to run a mile. Surprise 3 came when my Nike+ app kept crashing when I tried to start my run. That was very frustrating! After 5 or 6 tries I gave up and started a timer for 10 minutes. I ended up running 11.5 minutes, so I’m sure I got my mile in. It was a tough run after the hard workout, but it also felt good. My post run sugar was 74.

I am very pleased with my sugars throughout the workout and run. That could be surprise 4, but I shouldn’t be surprised about that. That should be something that happens all the time.

Feel free to post here or email me at if you have any questions or comments.

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