Lake Caroline 15K

This mornings alarm at 5:30 came very quick after shutting my eyes around 1:30. Guess I was a little anxious for my 15K today. My blood sugars seemed to stabilize overnight, as I woke up it was 111. Packet pickup was at 6:30, so I grabbed a Cliff Bar to eat on the way. Sugar check pre-race was 147 and I did not bolus for the bar I ate.

The temperature was 36 degrees with a fierce wind. I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold, so I’m glad I brought my running jacket. I decided to run a quick mile or so before the race to warm up. The race started right on time at 7:30 with a fairly large crowd. We started on main the main road which crosses the lake’s dam. The wind coming off the lake made a tough start. The course was basically a figure 8 and fairly flat with a few small hills. I started at a faster pace to break through the crowd, and kept this up for about 3 miles. I felt pretty good and checked my sugar at the 5 mile mark. It read 160, so I continued on with no adjustments or snack. Around the 6th mile, I started slowing up but was holding a good pace. As I crossed back over the lake at 8 1/2 miles, I could see the finish line with the wind at my back. I picked up the pace for a strong finish. My finish time was 1:23 and change. It felt good, my pace was around my Monroe half PR time. I was pleased considering the elements.

My post race sugar was 113. I ate a banana and Fig Newtons and bolused for half the carbs. It was nice to have a good race with a fairly consistent blood sugar level. It was an encouraging run with the Mississippi Blues coming up in just over a month.

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2 Responses to Lake Caroline 15K

  1. Stevey says:

    Pretty good time… Home your blog reaches plenty of people w/ diabetes…. You can really inspire and teach how to manage your sugar w/ exercise. I’ll pass the word on your blog.

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