Family streaking

As I mentioned yesterday, my wife and I are streaking through the holidays with Runner’s World’s holiday challenge. Today was day 2 and another busy dayderailed our plans. We slept in, she did some morning shopping, I entertained our son and we traveled back home. We ate some sushi for lunch and once we got home, unpacked and put our son down for a nap. We were pretty tired and decided to lay down.

3 hours later we woke up in darkness and I was concerned about our streak. I know, I know, it’s only day 2 and we’re possibly having issues, but because of the stupid time change, we still had time to run. Our son woke up about the same time we did and we decided to do a tag team run. She would run while I watch our son, then I would run and she would watch him.

While she was running, I was getting ready for turn. My prerun sugar was 233. I was surprised by that because I gave myself a pretty big bolus for lunch. It was sushi and I also had fried rice. Guess I had more rice than I thought I did. Since my sugars tend to spike when I exercise less than 30 mins, I thought I bolused for the high before running. Turns out I didn’t. I ran 2 miles and checked when I got back. It was 288. Very shocked to see that, I checked to make sure I bolused and that when I realized I hadn’t. I did bolus then and started to get dinner ready. I checked again after 30 minutes before eating and it was 315. It’s very frustrating at times like this.

Before I started my blog tonight, I checked again. It read 228. I am carbing up for a race tomorrow, but still surprised it was over 200. I’m running a 15K in the morning and I’m hoping I get under control before the race. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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