One of those days

I started the day with a high blood sugar level over 200, but I attribute that to the low a had last night before I went to bed. Along with everything else I had going on, it started out as one of those days you want to crawl back in bed and start all over. The day did, however, get better as it went on. By lunch my sugars were back to normal.

I signed up for a RealRyder/TRX class after work at 5:30pm and also wanted to get a quick run in before class. I could tell my sugar was getting low as I was heading home, but didn’t check it until I was about to leave for class. Turned out I was on the verge of a low at 76. I drank a glass of cranberry juice and headed out the door.

With 15 minutes until class and the studio being 1.5 miles from my home, I hit the pavement hard. I made it to class with time to spare and checked my sugar. It was 108. I was pleased with the results since it was getting low prerun. I ate a GU gel and got on my bike. After our 30 minutes on the RealRyder, I checked my sugar again. At 92, I was pleased again. We moved on to Indorow for 10 minutes and then TRX to finish our hour long class. My check after class was 107 and I ate a granola bar.

I usually just check my sugars before and after my classes, but it was good to check during and see what was going on. I will start checking during workouts. It’s better to be proactive than reactive! It was a good way to end the day with positive sugars after a great workout and run.

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