An introduction

Welcome to my blog! This blog is primarily about running and exercising with Type 1 diabetes. 

I was diagnosed with diabetes in the summer of 1992. I never was a runner growing up. I only ran if someone was chasing me. That wasn’t very often. Within the past 5 or 6 years, I signed up and ran a hand full of 5Ks. Never really thought about running distances, but a friend of mine ran a half marathon with Team in Training. I figured, if she could run it, I could too. I talked my wife into it, and last year I teamed up with Team in Training to run a full marathon in Madrid, Spain. I had never pushed myself like I did with my training. I was excited to wake up on the weekends and see if I could run the long runs. I specifically remember the night before the 14 mile run, I was so excited I had trouble going to sleep! As the mileage got higher, the adjusting for my diabetes got harder. I trained on and adjusted the best I could along with help from my doctor. I ended up running the marathon with my wife and our mentor with Team in Training. We did a run/walk method. My wife was having trouble keeping up so I slowed up and let our mentor go on without us a little over halfway through. We finished together and the distance bug bit me.
My wife is done with distance running, by the way. That was in April of this year. I signed up for the RnR Chicago Half (my 1st half) in July with 2 friends from TnT and just finished my 2nd half in Monroe, LA on Nov. 3rd. I shaved off 20 minutes from Chicago and almost broke 2 hours! I’m currently training for the Mississippi Blues 1/2 marathon on Jan. 5, 2013. I’ve been cross training with TRX and RealRyder cycling for the last 2 months. I contribute that to my PR in Monroe.

My running has been sporadic since the Monroe half and I have lost some motivation. I read in Runner’s World magazine a way to motivate yourself was to start a blog.

What I would like to get out of this is 1. Become a better runner by keeping myself motivated and accountable and 2. Become a better diabetic. I will be keeping track of my blood sugars before, after and during my runs and cross training.

I hope you stick around and we help each other out. Please feel free to comment or email me at 

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2 Responses to An introduction

  1. David McGehee says:

    Nice writing Curt. Pleased to see what is going on and hope that this Holiday schedule works well for you.

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